MYTH Busting


1. It is a glowing time.

2. All pregnancies are a choice that is wanted and/or planned.

3. Having a child will create a happy family/marriage/partnership.

4. All pregnancies result in live births.

5. Only straight women under the age of 35 who are the biological mothers and married to men have happy and healthy babies.

6. All mothers and fathers will be happy that they are having a baby.

7. There is a right amount of weight to gain.

8. Eating disorders do not happen during pregnancy, due to the “protective factor” of the baby.

9. Only un-medicated vaginal births are good and the birth plan is a straightforward process.

10. Depression* does not occur during pregnancy.


1. Eating disorders are a superficial issue concerned with appearance.


2. Eating disorders are a choice.

3. Being thin= being happy, fulfilled.

4. Eating disorders are not medically and psychologically serious and only anorexia can be lethal.

5. Only straight, white, adolescent girls have them.

6. Men do not have eating disorders.

7. Being a certain weight will resolve complex life difficulties and transitions.

8. Eating disorders do not happen during pregnancy, due to the “protective factor” of the baby.

9. Recovery from an eating disorder is about the food and recovery is a straightforward process.

10. Depression* is separate issues from an eating disorder.


1. It is a glowing time.

2. Mothers can choose/control the temperament of their child/baby.

3. Motherhood will make you happy/fulfilled.

4. Postpartum Depression* is not that serious, not lethal, and does not require treatment.

5. Only single mothers, mothers with a history of Depression*, or mothers in unhappy marriages have Postpartum Depression*.

6. Men and adoptive parents do not/cannot have Postpartum Depression*.

7. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape makes you happy and is possible within 3 (6, 12…) months postpartum.

8. Only unsatisfied or “bad” mothers have eating disorders (or motherhood will cure an eating disorder).

9. Motherhood is a natural process that includes the innate wisdom of how to breastfeed, get baby to take a bottle, and get babies to sleep.

10. Good mothers breastfeed, sleep when the baby sleeps, don’t work outside the home, and do not have Postpartum Depression.*

*as well as Anxiety and other Mood Disorders

Notice the similarities! Let’s stop living the myths and break the silence. Recovery is possible.


More on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders on the Postpartum Support International website:

More on Myths about Eating Disorders on the National Eating Disorders Association website:

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