The Diet Trap and Surviving the Holidays

Reposting this to support non diet approach to enjoying the holidays! Many Blessings.


Santa on a diet

“When you focus on your weight and the rules you must follow to lose weight, something very important is lost: your life!” – The Diet Trap

Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes, Christmas turkey, egg nog, …I’ve been thinking about how compulsive eating, emotional eating, dieting, and disordered eating affect so many people this time of year, the stress and distress of it. I always feel sad when I hear Karen Carpenter singing Christmas carols, how her dying of an eating disorder is such a tragic backdrop to the gift of her voice. That is what happens in an eating disorder: your voice is lost.

It can be so tempting, during this time of year, to use food as a comfort for unmet feelings or to to diet/restrict food as a way to avoid or control uncomfortable feelings.

Diets don’t work

Here’s are some by now well-researched facts about how diets don’t…

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