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Free Gift: Mother’s day Affirmation card

Recovery Mama’s sole purpose is to provide inspiration and hope to women recovering from Eating Disorders, Body Image difficulty, Postpartum Depression/Anxiety, and “New Mommy boot camp.” In celebration of all mothers, your mother, you as a mother, you re-mothering yourself, I am offering the following affirmation for anyone that signs up to follow this blog!   Please email your snail mail address (contact form below) so I can send you (and/or your mother) a hand-made customized affirmation card. It is ok to request a card for yourself, even if you haven’t given birth. We all have the Great and Good-Enough Mother archetypes within us.

Heart-Mother, LS McCabe, All rights reserved

Heart-Mother, LS McCabe, All rights reserved



I listen to my intuition.
There is a still, small light in me. It is the part of me that knows. It has always been there and is an intuitive awareness. It doesn’t come from books. It is inside me. I have a Mommy-intuition. It is based on connection with myself, with the part-of-me-that-knows. When I listen deeply to that connection, I know. I know what to do and not to do. I know the next right step.
I listen to my intuition.


lightofintuition, LS McCabe, All Rights Reserved

Light, LS McCabe, All Rights Reserved


When filling out the form below, Please write which image you would like

(Heart-Mother, Light, or Blue-Mother) and if you would prefer I write “Happy Mother’s Day” instead of the affirmation.

Many Blessings,

(Dr) Linda



Blue-Mother, LSMcCabe, all rights reserved

Blue-Mother, LSMcCabe, all rights reser





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